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          1. Masterflex Hose(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd.

            簡體中文 | English | Tel:0512-57888919

            Masterflex Hoses(Kunshan)Co.Ltd was founded in 2012, as a leading industrial hose manufacturer in the world, we provide automobile exhaust hose, high temperature resistant hose, chemical resistant hose, antistatic hose, conductive hose, PU abrasion resistant hose, food grade hose, microbe&hydrolysis resistant hose. Company located in Germany industrial park Kunshan City Jiangsu Province China, about one hour away from Shanghai. Masterflex Hoses(Kunshan)Co.Ltd is responsible for all business in Japan, Korea and China(including Taiwan and HongKong), have inventory and production equipment in Kunshan, so that can provide customers a short lead time and convenient service.

            Masterflex Hoses(Kunshan)Co.Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Masterflex group in China. Masterflex group is the most complete variety of hose manufacturer, the products are widely used in woodworking machinery, plastics industry, food industry, automobile industry, petroleum&chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, powder machinery, hydraulic machinery, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries, especially have a good performance of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance ,etc.

            Masterflex group was founded in 1987, has been listed for 25 years, headquartered in gelsenkirchen, Germany, have branches in France, Britain, the Czech republic, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Singapore and China
            Office Tel:0512-57952886   Sales Hotline:0512-57888919    E-mail:sales@masterflex.asia
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